Frequently asked questions

Who are you?
My name is Stu, I’m an experienced professional videographer.  In addition to filming & editing wedding videos, I work as a freelance camera operator for video production companies across the country.  I shoot live events, corporate films, interviews & promotional videos in a variety of situations.  I never take on more work than I can handle & ensure every wedding video gets the attention it deserves in the edit.  My wonderful wife Jodi provides admin, marketing & moral support for Skies Are Blue, without which I would be lost!

Ok, now I’m convinced you’re a real human being.  How do we make a booking?
A deposit of £150 will secure the date of your wedding, then the remaining balance is not needed until 14 days prior to your wedding day.  Once the booking has been made, I will send out some paperwork including a confirmation letter & contract for you to sign.

Speaking of paper, do you have an eco policy?
Why yes I do!  I work entirely digitally (no tape or film stock these days) & provide your finished film on a USB flash drive presented in recycled packaging sourced from UK suppliers.

But my wedding isn’t in the UK, is that ok?
Absolutely, I am able to work anywhere in the world, however we would need to discuss additional cost for travel & accommodation.  I’d love to shoot your wedding in the Bahamas, but you may be better off with a local supplier.

Can we meet up?
Yeah we totally should!  It’s always a good idea to meet with wedding suppliers, even if it’s just to install confidence that they are the right sort of person for you.  You will always be welcome in our home to have a chat, my wife Jodi loves talking weddings regardless!  We are both very experienced with the entire process having planned our own wedding in 2014.

Can I choose the music for my films?
I can use any music you want in the extended highlights or full feature films as these are private films for your own personal use and not to be uploaded to the internet.  I will select a licensed music track for your short highlights which can be distributed online and shared with family & friends on social media etc. You are welcome to choose your own music for the highlights from, but it’s harder than it sounds, most couples leave it to me.

I’m interested in the feature film, how long will my video be?
The feature film is typically between 60-120 minutes in total, but completely dependent on the length of your ceremony/speeches.  It is a chronological film of the entire day, edited to a selection of your chosen music tracks with the full ceremony & speeches seamlessly folded in.  The additional footage edited to music is normally around 15 minutes.

Do you record sound?
Sound is recorded for the ceremony & speeches, but is not used for the majority of the rest of your film(s).  Instead, your moments are edited to music that best captures the feeling of the day.  Where possible, a wireless lapel mic is clipped to the Groom's attire during the ceremony in order to capture clear sound from both the Bride & Groom. Lapel mics will be used on all those giving speeches in order to record clear audio.

How long will I have to wait for my video(s)?
Editing a wedding film takes time & close attention (if you’re doing it right), which is why I give a lead time of around 3-4 months.  It is rare that you would have to wait this long, but it of course depends on my current work load, holidays, time of year etc.

I’ve seen this brilliant video online, can you make mine exactly like that?
I have my own ways of doing things & I do not strive to imitate anyone else’s style of videography.  I’m happy to discuss capturing special moments from your day in a certain way, but my wedding videography is a creative process where snap decisions are made using intuition gained from years of valuable experience.  I would hope that anyone wanting to book me is doing so because they like my style of films and trust my judgement.

Can we have all the raw footage you shoot on the day?
Would a chef present you with the raw ingredients to a lasagne after you've finished eating?

Can you take photographs on the day too?
No.  I know several great photographers though!