Now That's What I Call Wedding Music 2018!

Last year was a great year for myself personally and Skies Are Blue.  I've put together an audio track listing for the year from all my wedding highlights films.  Hopefully next years soundtrack is going to be a double sider! 

Choosing the right highlights music can be a painstaking process, but an extremely important one.  I always try my best to match an audio track with the couple and the tone of the day in general.  I've been finding some smashing tunes on musicbed and so intend to stick with them for the foreseeable future!

It's a tough call, but these are my top 3 hits for the year gone by:

1) New Lovers by Paul McDonald
2) Beautiful Surrender by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
3) Texas by Lovelast


Skies Are Blue

The Album 2017