Victoria & John @ Lord Leycester Hospital

Upside down, back to front & inside out.  That's how I would describe the running order for Victoria & John's smashing wedding.  They decided to throw tradition in to a cement mixer & jumble it around until it all came out sparkling & unique.

A vintage tea party kicked the day off with more macaroons than you can shake a bourbon biscuit at.  It got all the guests together for some sophisticated chit chat & a spot of dancing to the afternoon's live music.  Then I followed Victoria (with her permission) to capture some bridal prep, before returning to see off the guests on their double decker bus to the church for an early evening ceremony!

It was an emotional evening for Victoria & John, they are a lovely couple who clearly mean a lot to each other.  It was an emotional evening for myself also, as this was the last video I would be shooting on DSLR cameras.  Exciting times ahead on the technology side of things!

After the food, speeches, first dance & acoustic guitarist, it was time to call it a night because quite frankly they had worn me out with all this excitement.  I rarely leave a wedding video shoot with any regrets, but I managed to capture my old banger of a car in the background on a couple of shots.  No, I'm not telling you which one it is.  Go away.