Tina & Damien @ Austin Court

A change of pace from the countryside weddings, Tina & Damien's all went down in Birmingham City centre and I was very VERY excited because I'd be filming on a freakin' narrowboat!!!  After navigating my way through the canals to the Mailbox (I'm an excellent swimmer), I met up with the first set of guests awaiting transportation from Sherborne Wharf Marina.  We all hopped on board and floated down to Austin Court

Having never been on a narrowboat before, I only had one brief moment of panic where I was convinced it was going to capsize.  I planned my escape route, just in case.  I also formulated a plan to steal the grooms shoes, because they were literally the best shoes I've ever seen and it would have been a shame for them to get wet.

Ok, as usual this blog has taken a turn, I'm in the wedding business for crying out loud.  Get a grip Stu!  Happiness, flowers and I do's!

Having travelled on the first boat, I was able to hop off and capture Tina arriving with the second group of guests.  The canals are definitely one of the best locations I've had the pleasure of filming for a wedding, loved the brick work, colours and general vintageyness (it's totally a word, look it up).

After a lovely ceremony there was much fun and photos with the newlyweds.  A little bit of rain (practically a short tropical storm) did nothing to dampen the spirits for this fantastic couple:

Tina & Damien's package:
The Full Feature