Sarah & Will @ Soulton Hall

The game of forename snap continued as Sarah & Will became the latest victims, I mean subjects, of my wedding videography endeavours.  I was already sold on the idea of filming this lovely couple, but then they said "pizza van" and I almost offered to do it for free.  But one stern look from my mindreader wife (who's face by this point had turned in to a large slice of meat feast with pepperoni eyes and a pizza tongue) got me back on track.  

The whole shebang took place at Soulton Hall, which was a first for me.  A grand venue split between an ancient manor for accommodating guests and Soulton Court, a fantastic refurbished Tudor building for ceremonies & partying hard.  After grabbing some nice moody shots of the empty ceremony room, it was time for bridal prep as a hectic hive of busy bridesmaids buzzed around getting ready for the big day.

I've not seen a groom cry more than a bride before (apart from at my own wedding), but Will was truly totes emosh (that's what the kids say right?) during a heart felt ceremony.  As a Scottish Bride, there were certain traditions to be upheld and so the ceremony was capped off by cracking out the Quaich and pouring the whiskey.  Yes I totally had to google that, never seen it before as I am an uncultured swine.  The Scottish traditions continued as the new Mr & Mrs Noden were piped out the room and on to drinks & confetti throwing.

Next Sarah, Will, myself and the photographers (headed by Charlotte Giddings) jumped in to a couple of cars and went off roading to find a rapeseed field.  After a stroll around grabbing some beautiful shots & turning my black trousers in to bright yellow we scurried back for the wedding breakfast and some rambunctious speeches (with more adorable crying).

Finally the pizza van was open for business and it was party time.  So I downed tools, drank 6 pints and stuffed myself with slice after slice of pie (yeah right, if only).  Back in reality there was some evening entertainment to be filmed, with a photo booth & lots of enthusiastic dancing.  All in all a really fun day to film with a great party vibe and did I mention pizza?

Sarah & Will's package:
Extended Highlights
w/ Bridal Preparations & Evening Entertainment