Rebecca & Joe @ Pimhill Barn

This is a quick one because it was nearly 6 months ago and my memory is terrible.  I've just got round to the blog despite finishing and sending the video in January.

Church Wedding at St. Mary Magdalene and it was sunny as hell.  Not bad for 2 days before Christmas.  I like to think of myself as a lucky charm for weather at weddings actually (that bold statement has probably just solidified a summer of rain).  First time working alongside excellent photographer Jack Valentine who in no way looked exactly like Matt Smith from Dr Who.

Rebecca & Joe are a couple with impeccable taste who decided to have their lovely wedding reception at the amazing Pimhill Barn.  All the best people get married there, just ask my Wife.  It was great but also kind of surreal to return in a different capacity.  I can't talk up this venue enough and Rebecca & Joe made it even more brilliant!  Videoooooo:

Rebecca & Joe's package:
The Highlight Reel