Nick & Amy @ Curradine Barns

It was a real pleasure to shoot this wonderful couple's wedding.  Nick & Amy have known each other since childhood & it all led up to a mild December, Christmassy themed bonanza in the Worcestershire countryside.

But enough about them, always trying to hog the limelight.  Who do they think they are, the Bride & Groom?  Speaking of light, in the dead of winter on one of the shortest days of the year, it's important to use it while you have it.  Because once it's gone, it's gone.  It was to my delight then, that Nick & Amy wanted Bridal & Groom prep coverage, which meant I got to use more of the natural light available at the beginning of the day.

I couldn't possibly stress enough how important lovely natural light is to help make parts of your video look good.  Which is why I love to get outside with the photographer on the couples private shoot & ninja around using commando rolls capturing as much lovely stuff as possible.

Ok, I don't do commando rolls, but I am a ninja.  Just ask John Colson who was Nick & Amy's photographer.  He's a top bloke, excellent photogapher & would highly recommend him to anyone.

Nick & Amy put on a hell of a feast for their guests.  John & I were also presented with a giant board of delicious tapas which was very generous.  I can tell you a decent meal on a long day makes a big difference to crew morale!

One of the other things exciting me about Nick & Amy's video, was that I got to make them a 'Skies Aren't Blue' black & white highlights film!  I have spent quite a while developing my own vintage monochrome style & each shot is individually edited specifically for this look.  I wasn't personally a big fan of black & white until my own wedding photographer Amy Taylor convinced me otherwise.

It's interesting how the same images in monochrome can look & draw your eye completely differently than in colour.  That coupled with a wider aspect ratio frames the images in a new & more specific way.  See for yourself...