Natasha & Dom @ Redhouse Barns

You know how it goes, you're looking for a Dom and then two come along at once!  I'm considering implementing a policy where my couples must have unique names or be willing to change them legally.  However, focus groups have deemed it "impracticable" and "idiotic", so I might not go ahead with the idea.

It feels like an age since I last wrote a blog.  Possibly because it has actually been a while, also because my days are almost literally twice as long since becoming a father.  Anyway, here it goes.

Natasha & Dom!  Brilliant couple, lots of fun filming this one.  Pretty sure the groom was at the pints until 5 minutes before the ceremony started, amazing.  It all kicked off with a ceremony at St Peter's church in Cookley before moving swiftly on to the always fantastic Redhouse Barn in Bromsgrove.  I always feel looked after at this place, their food is excellent & the staff are top notch.  

Photographing the day (very amicably alongside myself) were the lovely Austen & Rachel who also run Jelly Photography.  What makes this lot special is their amazing fun photo-booth, a giant green screen set up with lots of props & bags of awesome.  Great if you're looking for something a bit different for the evening & done by proper professionals innit?

Topping the evening entertainment off was a big scalextric track, which looked freakin' great & I would have destroyed everyone with my mad trigger skills were it not for the fact I was busy filming a nice wedding.  Speaking of nice weddings, grab some tissues and look at this one.

Natasha & Dom's package:
The Full Feature
w/ Bridal Preparations