Michelle & Chris @ Avoncroft Museum

“Good god, what a tidy room.” My first thoughts when entering the Bride’s quarters of her parents house ready to capture some getting ready shots. Michelle and co clearly didn’t get the memo from ‘every wedding ever’, as the usual chaos of Bridal Prep was not present. I was a little thrown as my camera batteries are actually powered by chaos, so I was forced to haphazardly throw a towel to the floor.

Once we were done here it was off to the incredibly picturesque Avoncroft Museum to grab some arrival shots. I do feel sorry for Michelle & Chris as only 700 of their closest friends could make it to the day. All these fantastic looking people gathered inside and Michelle arrived down the aisle sang in by an excellent gospel choir.

After the ceremony, it was time to move back outside in to the sunshine and enjoy some nice pizza, beer, fizz & pizza. Mmmmm pizza. If that wasn’t enough though, guests were encouraged to ride the miniature railway train. Yes, the miniature railway train. My only regret of the day was not going for a ride myself with the Bride & Groom. Instead I chose to chase them around like a mad man on foot. Turns out I can’t run faster than a train.

There were lawn games a plenty, including limbo which is always made easier by wedding outfits of course. Plus a giant game of Jenga, which I stalked for a while waiting for it to fall over for that shot. The guys playing were annoyingly good. All future weddings will see me sabotaging the Jenga with my right foot.

Because there was no sit down meal, the speeches were done early evening with a series of drinking games involved! Needless to say, I was absolutely smashed by the end of it! (Disclaimer - this is a joke, I do not drink whilst on the job. I just stick to chewing tobacco and hallucinogens).

The light hit the trees and historic buildings just perfectly for Michelle & Chris’s little smoochy, huggy shots. It’s all I ask. Party time was dancing time, everyone hit the dance floor and I could barely move for excited, deliriously happy wedding guests. It was a truly superb day, flanked by excellent people for a lovely couple.

Michelle & Chris’s package:
The Highlight Reel
+ Bridal Prep
+ Evening Entertainment