Laura & Will @ Abbey Manor

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, was I ever excited about this one!  I'm not sure I've ever had such an enthusiastic (and precise...yes I'm going with precise) Bride as Laura before!  I knew this was gonna be a goodun from our first meeting.  She was very complimentary about my work, so after a quick "aww shucks", we were on.

Laura & Will, apart from being lovely folk, are the jammiest gits in the land as they managed to pull off their wedding on a ridiculously warm, sunny day in March!  After some bridal prep at Mummy's rather emotional and manic household, I escaped with my life on to the impressive Pershore Abbey to grab a few arrival shots.

I had a lovely time working alongside rural photographer Sarah Farnsworth who was in charge of pictures for the day.  We had a right larf shooting the world's longest confetti procession.  I could have really used a steadicam & cable basher for that shot, but the accountant said no.

After the ceremony, we all made our merry way on to Abbey Manor, where the festivities took place in a huge tippee (tipi?) tea pea? TP?  A pointy tent thing.  The speeches culminated in a surprise performance of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' by both sides of the family, begging the question, when will we seem them on Britain's Got Talent?

With light fading fast, Sarah & I whisked the newlyweds outside for some romantic shots dancing in the sunset, lovely stuff.

LOOK!  A video, watch it!  Watch it with your eyes!

Laura & Will's package:
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