Kerri & Dan @ Swallows Nest Barn

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but I beg to differ.  My mad videography skillz struck Swallows Nest Barn two times in a row yo!  Ahem, sorry, I've been re-watching Breaking Bad and Jesse rubs off on me.

This time it was Kerri & Dan's turn to get married and what a shindig it was!  Bridal Prep was first on the agenda, doing my best not to annoy the make up artist whilst "getting in there" for those shots.  Kerri and the Bridesmaids got 80% ready at the house, then jumped on to 100% of a VW camper van before finishing off the remaining 20% of Bridal Prep at the venue.  Dan dished out some classy tie clips to the groomsmen and we were off with the ceremony!

Skipping forward...Due it being a "Just the Highlights" package, I didn't actually capture all the speeches in full, but it gave me the opportunity to move around and capture a wider variety of shots than is normally possible.  I'm now offering a second camera operator as an add-on and I hope some very smart couple in 2018 takes advantage of it.  All those priceless reactions & laughter in the speeches and Nan tearing up during the ceremony.  I think it will really add something to the coverage having these type of shots included!

Speaking of shots, Kerri & Dan arranged for a cocktail masterclass in the early evening, so I hung around the outdoor bar capturing some great slow mo footage of guests shaking, stirring and slurping in to the night.  It's always fun having that little bit of something different to film, especially when it gives me an excuse to crack open the super slow mo!  Don't super slow mo your way over to the highlights though, speed up and take a look now!

Kerri & Dan's package:
Just the Highlights
w/ Bridal Preparations & Evening Entertainment