Kara & Tom @ The Mill Barns

There's nothing like leaving it last minute for these two beautiful people!  48 hours before their wedding day, Kara & Tom started to feel what I like to call "Videographer Regret*" and asked if I was free.  I very kindly explained to them that I am not free and my packages start from £849, to which they replied 'you're an idiot, but we like your work.'

* "Videographer Regret" normally kicks in a few days after a couple's videographerless wedding and then lasts a lifetime.  There is no known cure other than prevention.

Thankfully for Kara & Tom, I was available for their date even at short notice.  Only slight problem was that I was currently 5,500 miles away from their venue but I assured them I'd be there on time.  I hired a bicycle and made my way.  Turns out bikes are rubbish over water,  but I'm an excellent swimmer and the Atlantic was a cinch.

The day arrived and a first time wedding for me at The Mill Barns, beautiful venue with a really grand looking ceremony room.  Some great gardens as well which always goes down well for those pretty smoochy couple shots.  Got plenty of those with Kara & Tom, you don't have to tell them twice.  Just ask Paul Willetts, photographer extraordinaire by day & crime fighter by night.  Turns out Kara is a professional dancer and they had a whole routine for the first dance which was great!  I don't remember anything else as I was jet lagged.  Feb-Aug 2010 was a bit of a blur too if anyone can help me out with that, cheers.

Kara & Tom's package:
Just the Highlights