Jess & Chris @ Wethele Manor

Howdy partner, pip-pip old bean!  Welcome to the blog of Jess & Chris's totally Texan but somehow also very English wedding.  As a last minute surprise for the Bride, Chris arranged for me to be their videographer.  Thankfully on the day, Jess being so very polite, didn't ask for the strange man with the video camera to be removed from the premises before being introduced through excellent photographer Duncan Cox.  

Luckily it had not been mentioned to the Bride there would be a surprise waiting for her that day.  Imagine the disappointment when rather than a bunch of flowers, a Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne or Tom Hardy, a 31 year old nerd trundles in with his bum-bag (shut up, it has camera batteries & stuff in it).

Duncan decided to hang the wedding dress in a tree for a rather impressive photograph, thus risking his life twice.  Once for nearly falling off the stool whilst doing it and twice because if the dress had drifted off in to the lake...well, this is a couple who cut their wedding cake with a sword.

This was the first wedding where I've actually been able to film the ceremony outside and it was just fantastic.  Wethele Manor is such a great venue for this and the weather played ball, so it could happen without a hitch.  Well actually there was a hitch, that of the Bride & Groom, getting hitched kind of being the whole point of the day.  It all happened with one totally intentional hitch, with no unintentional unwelcome hitches.

Feeling inspired by her stint spent in Texas and with some Texans in attendance, Jess wanted them to feel at home.  So after the speeches all guests were invited outside to ride the mechanical bull!  This made for some really fun footage as everybody was totally rubbish at it.  On the other side of the "pond" so to speak, a mass game of cricket spontaneously broke out and the police had to be called to break up the rabble.  I may have embellished one part of that slightly.

Lovely weather, lovely venue, lovely couple.  Nearly lost my monopod, but didn't, true story.  Here's their video:

Jess & Chris's package:
Just the Highlights
w/ Bridal Preparations & Evening Entertainment