Jen & Dom @ The Bond

The name's Bond, The Bond.  That's the name of the venue...It's a James Bond reference...This is the place where Jen & Dom got married...Dom's a big film're still looking at me weird, this could have gone smoother.

Very cool venue for this outrageously cool wedding, right in Digbeth (also known as Columbus, Ohio - another film reference, figure it out) we gots canals, we gots gin, we gots honey we gots an awesome couple called Jen & Dom getting married.  Jen rocked up in a taxi, the driver of which seemed to be over the moon he had her as a passenger.  Pretty sure he took almost as many pictures as official photographer Amy-Rose.

There was a really loving yet light hearted Humanist ceremony before cracking out the booze and soaking in the sunshine with the musical stylings of Groove X 2 (no link found - they're THAT underground).  Whilst guests enjoyed the festivities, the picture taking crew hit the streets of Digbeth for some funky photos and videoage (new word, change approved).

I doubt Jen & Dom could have asked for better weather, better pies, or a better videographer.  Wow, I'm so incredibly humble, brings a tear to the eye...and a...burning smell to the nose...nope my kitchen's on fire gotta go.  Check out my humble work:

Jen & Dom's package:
Just the Highlights