Hannah & Chris @ Pendrell Hall

Gotta say, I love a Friday wedding me.  What an awesome way to start the weekend, by shooting Hannah & Chris's superb day!  The festivities all took place at Pendrell Hall, a rather luxurious country house with tonnes of garden space, which I'm always a fan of.  At venues with large grounds, it's nice to be able to abduct the Bride & Groom for half an hour for photos, then send the ransom note and demand...wait sorry I got a bit confused there, that's for my other blog.

Working alongside the awesome photography stylings of Amy Woodward-Taylor, I set forth on an adventure of confetti, polaroids, beer, beards & cigars.  One of the highlights was filming some slow-mo bouquet tossing.  Unfortunately you can witness the grimace on the face of one of Hannah's bridesmaids as she catches her bunch by the pointy end.  The mass gathering of cigar smoking by the groomsmen was pretty rad (rad - is that a thing?) and made for some fun footage to work with.

Speeches were done before the meal came out, something I was keen on for my own wedding.  It does mean those who are nervous about their speech can chill out, enjoy the food and let their hair down a bit afterwards.  I think the chef at Pendrell Hall may beg to differ but hey ho!

Top hats in 3...2...1....(press play)

Hannah & Chris's package:
Extended Highlights