Gemma & Jack @ Deer Park Hall

Be our guest, be our guest, but my camera to the test!  Once upon a time, Gemma & Jack had an incredible Disney themed wedding.  The journey began with filming some lovely Bridal prep.  Most of the time was spent chasing an incredibly dapper dog around trying to get "that" dog shot.  But I thought I should probably grab some Bridal shots too, I guess.  

***Random side note alert***  Apparently if you're a cameraman filming with the President of the United States, you're not allowed to use the word "shot".

A hop, skip and jump and I was at Eckington Church.  Unfortunately all that hopping, skipping and jumping wore me out, so I took 5 mins before grabbing dem arrival shots.  Gemma arrived in Herbie the Love Bug (I sh*t you not), which was bloody amazing.  A whole host of fine looking folks turned up to see Gemma & Jack tie the knot, their friends and family practically taking over the town for the confetti lobbing.

Next we moved on to Deer Park Hall where Duncan Cox was standing by with his drone for some cool aerial shots!  The weather was a bit dodge, but ever the professional Duncan made the most of it and grabbed some great stuff.  Charismatic photographer James Fear rounded up the rabble for fun group shots before some fantastic speeches.  Afterwards, the weather seriously picked up.  The sun shone, folk drank (I like the word folk today) and people sat on brick walls.  I love me a good sat on a brick wall shot.  A lovely first dance rounded things off and I made my exit before I turned in to a pumpkin.

***Sales pitch alert***

Gemma & Jack opted for the Full Feature package which was absolutely perfect for their day.  With the Bridal Prep add on, Aerial footage add on & general timings of their day I was able to capture a tonne of footage which made for a great Full Feature film.  I had a lot of fun editing and it was nice not to have to throw out 90% of the footage as what happens with editing highlights!  I love creating the highlights films and they are fantastic for sharing with everyone online, however they can be just the tip of the iceberg if you so choose!  Speaking of highlights:

Gemma & Jack's package:
The Full Feature
+ Bridal Prep
+ Aerial Videography