Caylie & Lee @ Wharton Park

Time for a spot of golf and a little bit of a wedding?  Both were on the agenda at Caylie & Lee's superb celebrations at Wharton Park Golf & Country Club.  I'm not sure I've ever had such a smiley happy couple, but it made editing a cinch.  I probably shouldn't play down the difficulty levels of making my films though, so it was "really hard", "a total slog", "five stars" said the Daily Mirror.

As usual I've completely lost my train of though whilst writing this, I believe there was something about marriage?  That's right, Lee (a big golfing enthusiast, 7ft 4) managed to persuade Caylie (small golfing enthusiast, 4 ft 5) in to having their wedding at his local country club. 

After teeing off early in the afternoon, it wasn't long before the celebrations were in full swing.  I can't quite remember what was for dinner, but probably some type of birdie.  The event was a hole in one and it's success definitely got Lee out the rough.  No wedding is complete without a riding a golf buggy and having balloons rain down on your during the first dance, as per the video evidence:

Caylie & Lee's package:
The Highlight Reel