Carey & Simon @ Crown East Cottage

This was a super kick ass wedding held in a big field next to Carey & Simon's lovely home.  There was a marquee though, it wasn't literally just in the middle of a field.  That being said, after the ceremony at St Peters, we nipped over to Pirton Pool with their photographer Simon May to prance around in the grass with an umbrella.

This made for some great looking shots of just the two of them.  It's always important to take time for just yourselves & your photographer on your wedding day.  Although I will be stalking you too if you book me, but in a nice way, not in a Jake Gyllenhall from Nightcrawler way.  This is how I get those shots of my lovely couples to intersperse with their first dance in the edit.

Carey is from Zimbabwe & many family members had made the trip over from Africa to be with her on her wedding day, which must have been a fantastic feeling.  Unfortunately not everybody could be there, which is where I came in so those absent could enjoy the day in film format.

The marquee looked incredible & there was an amazing attention to detail with the table decorations & flowers everywhere despite a slight mix up with the flower delivery.  Carey & Simon's family, friends & local villagers all pitched in to make their day truly special.  

Remember, well dressed kids always make for great footage at weddings.  Special shout out to the bog rats (Simon's words, not mine).  Speaking of Simon's words, the groom managed an impressive world record length speech with only notes from a smart phone.  I think there was a lot to be said that day & a lot of fantastic people who made everything possible to thank.

Here are their highlights: