Becky & Dan @ Redhouse Barns

I had a lovely old time filming Becky & Dan's wedding day.  Redhouse Barns is a great looking venue & they had a very unique ceremony set up, which completely surrounded them by their guests (in a good way).

It's always wonderful to see a dog turn up at a wedding, invited or not.  This one was most welcome though & made for a few cute shots.  I haven't seen a costume change from the Groom before, so that was a first for me.  Presumably not wanting to spill any wine on his RAF uniform, Dan jumped in to a phone box after the bridal party photos & re-emerged in his evening getup.

I was treated to not one but two confetti shots, they must have thought it was my birthday or something.  I do love a good slow motion confetti shot & hopefully you do too, because otherwise we can't be friends.  Speaking of friends, I could tell Becky & Dan are smart people because they chose Amy Taylor as their wedding photographer.  She is an outstanding photographer and lovely person and I know this because she did my very own wedding in 2014!  See, smart.

I was particularly fond of the lighting in the room for Becky & Dan's first dance.  You can never be too sure what you're gonna get & it worked perfectly.  In fact I would recommend couples consider this in advance & request some nice white light from whoever holds the power.  Talking about nice light seems to be a running theme in my blogs,  so I'll end it there before I bore you to death.  Did I mention I like light?