Alison & Armon @ Prestwold Hall

What a cracking wedding this one was.  Alison & Armon are a great couple with a fantastic set of friends.  They kept me entertained all day & were very up for being filmed.  If you can convince your friends to embrace the camera then it really makes a difference to the end product of your wedding video!

I couldn't have asked for better weather from my point of view.  It was a very bright overcast day casting excellent soft light everywhere outside & inside through windows.  Not a harsh shadow in sight.  Once I started colour grading their shots my jaw nearly hit the keyboard I was so impressed with the images in front of me.  I'd like to take full credit, but it's hats off to my new camera & lenses as well.

Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire is a very picturesque venue, with loads and loads of space outside.  If there's something I love nearly as much as light, it's space!  The speeches cracked me up.  I try to maintain an air of professionalism & I always stop short of banging my fists on the table hollering, but there's only so much I can do.

Ali & Armon gave me some very good music to work with, their first dance was a tearjerker, the acoustic version of Latch by Sam Smith.  I was quite taken with the song I used in their highlights & thought it gave quite an epic uplifting feel to the day which matched their wedding perfectly.  What song?  I'm not telling.  You have to watch it.  Now...