Jen & Dom @ The Bond

The name's Bond, The Bond.  That's the name of the venue...It's a James Bond reference...This is the place where Jen & Dom got married...Dom's a big film're still looking at me weird, this could have gone smoother.

Very cool venue for this outrageously cool wedding, right in Digbeth (also known as Columbus, Ohio - another film reference, figure it out) we gots canals, we gots gin, we gots honey we gots an awesome couple called Jen & Dom getting married.  Jen rocked up in a taxi, the driver of which seemed to be over the moon he had her as a passenger.  Pretty sure he took almost as many pictures as official photographer Amy-Rose.

There was a really loving yet light hearted Humanist ceremony before cracking out the booze and soaking in the sunshine with the musical stylings of Groove X 2 (no link found - they're THAT underground).  Whilst guests enjoyed the festivities, the picture taking crew hit the streets of Digbeth for some funky photos and videoage (new word, change approved).

I doubt Jen & Dom could have asked for better weather, better pies, or a better videographer.  Wow, I'm so incredibly humble, brings a tear to the eye...and a...burning smell to the nose...nope my kitchen's on fire gotta go.  Check out my humble work:

Jen & Dom's package:
Just the Highlights




Rebecca & Joe @ Pimhill Barn

This is a quick one because it was nearly 6 months ago and my memory is terrible.  I've just got round to the blog despite finishing and sending the video in January.

Church Wedding at St. Mary Magdalene and it was sunny as hell.  Not bad for 2 days before Christmas.  I like to think of myself as a lucky charm for weather at weddings actually (that bold statement has probably just solidified a summer of rain).  First time working alongside excellent photographer Jack Valentine who in no way looked exactly like Matt Smith from Dr Who.

Rebecca & Joe are a couple with impeccable taste who decided to have their lovely wedding reception at the amazing Pimhill Barn.  All the best people get married there, just ask my Wife.  It was great but also kind of surreal to return in a different capacity.  I can't talk up this venue enough and Rebecca & Joe made it even more brilliant!  Videoooooo:

Rebecca & Joe's package:
The Highlight Reel

Now That's What I Call Wedding Music 2018!

Last year was a great year for myself personally and Skies Are Blue.  I've put together an audio track listing for the year from all my wedding highlights films.  Hopefully next years soundtrack is going to be a double sider! 

Choosing the right highlights music can be a painstaking process, but an extremely important one.  I always try my best to match an audio track with the couple and the tone of the day in general.  I've been finding some smashing tunes on musicbed and so intend to stick with them for the foreseeable future!

It's a tough call, but these are my top 3 hits for the year gone by:

1) New Lovers by Paul McDonald
2) Beautiful Surrender by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
3) Texas by Lovelast


Skies Are Blue

The Album 2017

Laura & Gregg @ Worcester Glamping

Did somebody say "hook a duck?"  When Laura & Gregg told me they were having their wedding reception at Worcester Glamping, I thought they were quackers.  But the fairground games theme and BOUNCY CASTLE was, let's face it, an awesome idea!  I've got ahead of myself though.

I did some bridal prep shots at the house to start and got a first hand look at Laura's handmade scrabble shoes (move over Damien, we have a new wedding shoe champion).  Laura & Gregg's pride and joy, the little camper van that (just about) could was all dressed up for the occasion and only broke down a few times during the course of the day.

Wait a minute...Wedding Shoe Championships?  I think I'm on to something here.  That's it, I hereby declare the inaugural Wedding Shoe Championships 2018 sponsored by Skies Are Blue officially under way.  I'm not kidding.

After a lovely ceremony at the church, it was finally time to actually hook a duck, bounce on the castle and throw sandbags at cans and coconuts.  There was also an afternoon tea of sorts along with cheese, lots of cheese.  The best was yet to come though as the evening drew in, the fires and beacons were lit (LIGHT THE BEACONS! Gondor calls for aid) and the fish and chips rocked up to the party.

My only regret from the day was not actually going on the bouncy castle, apparently it was "for the kids" pfffft.  I couldn't have been happier to be Laura & Gregg's videographer, a really lovely couple who put on a truly fantastic day for their guests.  Ch-ch-check out the highlights:

Laura & Gregg's package:
The Highlight Reel
w/ Bridal Preparations

Tina & Damien @ Austin Court

A change of pace from the countryside weddings, Tina & Damien's all went down in Birmingham City centre and I was very VERY excited because I'd be filming on a freakin' narrowboat!!!  After navigating my way through the canals to the Mailbox (I'm an excellent swimmer), I met up with the first set of guests awaiting transportation from Sherborne Wharf Marina.  We all hopped on board and floated down to Austin Court

Having never been on a narrowboat before, I only had one brief moment of panic where I was convinced it was going to capsize.  I planned my escape route, just in case.  I also formulated a plan to steal the grooms shoes, because they were literally the best shoes I've ever seen and it would have been a shame for them to get wet.

Ok, as usual this blog has taken a turn, I'm in the wedding business for crying out loud.  Get a grip Stu!  Happiness, flowers and I do's!

Having travelled on the first boat, I was able to hop off and capture Tina arriving with the second group of guests.  The canals are definitely one of the best locations I've had the pleasure of filming for a wedding, loved the brick work, colours and general vintageyness (it's totally a word, look it up).

After a lovely ceremony there was much fun and photos with the newlyweds.  A little bit of rain (practically a short tropical storm) did nothing to dampen the spirits for this fantastic couple:

Tina & Damien's package:
The Full Feature